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The 10 best mini painting youtube channels

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

On my painting journey, I have been using many online resources to help develop my techniques, my though process, and to measure my progress. Here are the 10 best channels and personalities I have found so far, though this is all my opinion naturally! 1) Miniac - Entertaining, knoweldgable and a regular streamer too, Miniac is a great source for complex techniques, inspiration and a laugh.

2) Vince Ventruella - Vincey V is possible the single most knowledgable resource on youtube, with tutorials ranging from the starting basics, all the way to how to paint one specific colour. If there is ever a question you have, chances are Vince has got it covered in a specific tutorial.

3) That Mr Shy - Mr Shy is a British Youtuber and Commission painter, who releases really clear, well explained, and well demonstrated painting technique videos, often on models and topics not covered elsewhere.

4) Sam Lenz - Sam is a cool dude, a Golden demon winning painter, with a unique style and approach. His tutorials are often aimed at more developed painters, but there is always something useful whatever your level.

5) Dana Howl - Dana has a unique style all her own, utilising vibrant colours and an accomplished glazing technique to create miniature paintjobs that are always immediately identifiable as hers. Her tutorials are well structured, immaculately presents, and delivered with a super dry wit.

6) Midwinter Minis - British youtuber Guy started up this channel after getting back into the hobby in 2019 i think, and offers a wide array of super accessible advice, and is a great place to start for new painters.

7) 52 Miniatures - This is a relatively new channel, but it is immaculately put together, well throught out, and relatable to new painters. They explore the philosophies behind the decisions they make, and question some of the orthodoxies of the hobby.

8) Lyla Mev - Lyla offers approachable painting tutorials, with a warm personality, and regular cat interruptions. Her videos are accessible, and approach everything in a well paces and considered way, making her videos a great resources for learning painters.

9) Ninjon - Jon Ninas is the longtime comrade in brushes of Scott from the Miniac channel, and shares a podcast with him, called 'Trapped Under Plastic', that is well worth checking out. Jon launched his own Youtube Channel last year, and is quickly becoming on of my favourites, with his good humoured but insightful approaches to learning and progression.

10) Goobertown Hobbies - Brent IS the mini painting Bob Ross, with a warm, friendly way about him, and a sharp mind which allows him to experiment, offer great advice, and inspire painters of all standards.

Honorable Mentions: Jazza/TabletopTime - Jazza is a HUGE youtube phenomena, and over the last 6 months or so has been publishing content about Mini Painting, as he rediscovered the hobby.

Since then he has fired up an old RPG channel of his, focusing on mini painting and tabletop roleplay games, and is well worth a follow. Squidmar - Surpremely polished, and possibly one of the best painters on here, Squidmar offers many tutorials, but perhaps better aimed at intermediate level painters.

Eons of Battle - A channel run by two young guys, with a punchy, and fast moving approach to videos. They offer good beginner advice, alternate techniques and 'Spicy' takes!

Ebay Miniature Rescues - Casey's channel is more about the journey, with him purchasing, fixing and then painting bargains from Ebay, but much can be learned from watching the way he works.

He also co-hosts the podcast 'Painting Bravely' with Goobertown's Brent, which is well worth checking out.

Trovarion - Trovarion is possibly the single most decorated painter on youtube, and is someone definitely worth subscribing to. He also collaborates with Vince Ventruella, and is a massively knowledgable painter, so do make sure you watch some of his stuff!

Marco Frisoni - Marco is an immensely talented artist, with a unique approach and stylistic eye, that adds a lot of value to anyone's learning process.

Rising Apes - A relatively new channel, James adds an enthusiasm and a fresh take on painting tutorials, focusing on key skills and techniques as well as reviewing hobby products that might be helpful on your painting journey.

There are no doubt many I have forgotten about, but I will add to this list as they come to me. I hope this list is useful, and helps you on your painting journey!

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