Painting Commissions to a Tabletop & High Tabletop Standard

I offer a painting service primarily aimed at those looking to get a board game, army or gang/crew completed for play.

I paint to a tabletop or 'high' tabletop standard, and can produce a good paintjob for those who either do not enjoy the painting side of the hobby, or do not want to batch paint large numbers of miniatures.

If this appeals to you, and you are interested in a quote, please use the contact form below.

Some approx examples, prices include time spent, postage after completion, packaging, and materials used, and assumes I receive assembled and prepped models, assembly and painting prep will increase the cost:

5 Space Marines @ Tabletop Standard - Circa £40

5 Space Marines @ High Tabletop Standard - Circa £60

1 Character Model @ High Tabletop Standard - Circa £50

Obviously there is tonnes of variation between miniatures, colour schemes, etc so these are approx guides.

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