My Painting Journey

I first started painting miniatures back around 1996/7, when I first got into warhammer fantasy from Games Workshop. 

I got a little better over time, and picked up the original Necromunda set around 2000, and was able to get a bit closer to being able to complete a semi-decent paintjob, though my level of understanding was still very much novice.


Then around 2004 I put everything away in a cupboard and ignored them for around 16 years.

Like many, after many years of thinking 'I should start painting again...", the Lockdown in March provided the opportunity to pick up the hobby again, but with the patience of someone a bit older and a bit more experienced in what is required to educated myself.

Since March 2020, I have been trying to improve my painting, and have painted a bunch of models, some good, many bad but all with the aim of getting better.

At this stage, I consider myself a competent tabletop level painter, but aspire to keep improving, and moving forward in the hobby, so I wanted to have somewhere to document my progress, and offer an honest story of my painting journey, warts and all.

I am far from a great painter, but if people can gain some insight from what I have learned, where I have failed, what helped me improve etc then I am happy to have contributed in some way.

Lets go on this journey fellow painters and hobbyists, and see where it takes us!